A1190 Cromwell G-2 Flat Top Guitar...In the mid-1930s Gibson introduced the "Cromwell" line of instruments. These were intended to be sold through jobbers who did not carry the more expensive Gibson line. All the Cromwell guitar models other than the G-2 were arch top guitars. The flat top G-2 Cromwell guitars are quite scarce, especially in good condition. Our example is in very nearly mint condition! It has a paper label inside for Beare & Sons, Toronto. It has a ladder-braced spruce top, mahogany sides & back with ivoroid binding around soundhole, top and back. Fingerboard has the characteristic Cromwell "skunk stripe" down the center. Factory order number is 1438, indicating the year of manufacture is 1935. This guitar has no cracks, no playing wear and has all the original components in as-new condition.  It has the original chipboard case with leather handle, also in very good shape!